Friday, April 16, 2010


I love tassels, hence the name of my blog The Tattered Tassel. Every room in my house has a tassel, with the exception of my two boys rooms and if I thought I could get away with it, they would have them in their rooms too!  I enjoy changing them out as the seasons change. They ad a finishing touch to any space.  Some I buy and some I make.  I thought I would start the weekend out by showing ya'll just a few that I have in my home. 

These are two that are in the guest bathroom.  The little shoe is Avon, I think, but it is a tribute to one of my grandmothers...she had one of these sitting on her dresser.  When I saw it I knew I had to have it. : )
These reside in my living room.
And these find themselves doing decorating duty in our family room.  At least in this house.
OK~there are many more but I'll save them for another post.  (Plus hubby is yelling, we are late for a military function.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'll be busy packing, packing and packing.  Gonna try and sneak off to a couple of yard sales in the morning though!!


Nancy said...

I love all your tassel pictures...especially the one over the hand pretty. That blue one is gorgeous too. I never really thought about it but I have tassels everywhere too...except the boys rooms!

Have a good weekend~

bandit6 said...

I didn't yell....... We were just running late.

Victoria said...

I love your tassles! Where do you get them all? I'm looking for one for my armoire.

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

You were very busy while I was in Key West. And to think you thought you would not get the hang of blogging! :) Wanted to tell you that there is a small pink bungalow/shop in Key Largo that you HAVE to visit next time you are passing through, northbound, on the Overseas Highway at mile marker 98.2 -- Pink Junktique. You can't miss it... there are two huge pink flamingos standing by the road. Anyway, it is loaded with all kinds of retro antique/consignment stuff from clothes to household/kitchen gear.