Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Collections...

Hi my name is Ann and I collect stuff!  My bro-in-law calls it hoarding . I ask you, how could it be hoarding when I'm giving an old tired worn "treasure" a home to live comfortably in with others just like her.  Case in point...I have a grouping of vintage crosstitch  pictures.  Sweet little pieces of work that  ladies from another generation spent a good deal of time doing with their fingers of love.  So when I see another one sitting on a dusty shelf or on the bottom of stack of frames at a thrift store shouldn't it be my duty to purchase it for pittance and bring it home?  A home where she is welcome and can find others of her kind. Why yes, I should and I will!  Enjoy...

Technical apologizes.  I know I'm not good at taking pictures and that I need to come on into this very techie  century.  I've only just begun taking pictures 2 months ago when I started this blog.  Hubby has always done the picture taking in the family. : )

Tomorrow is a big day, it's Friday and that means yard sales. : )  I'm taking my best yard sale buddy with me.  Our plans are to hit 2 yards starting at 6am, then swing by Micky D's for his favorite hotcakes, and then drop him off at school by 8am.  He loves going to yard sales and he loves McDonalds!

I hope everyone has a great weekend doing what you love to do!!  Keep checking TTT to see what we score this weekend at the sales!
Ann & Andrew : )

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Is It??

Well, I have found the perfect meme, Vintage Thingie Thursday at Suzanne's blog, Coloradolady.
Please take a minute or two, or in my case, 2 or 3 hours to click on over to Suzanne's wonderful blog and check out all the other vintage items.

You see I purchased what I would truly call a vintage thingie!  I have no idea what it's  purpose in life might be...but I know I like it, a lot. That is why I paid 50cents for it!!  I'm thinking maybe it came from a desk set and that it originally was designed to hold papers??  What I do know is that it is a heavy little piece of wrought iron.  It was a little rusted and certainly dusty when I found it on a shelf at a local thrift store.  Never fear, a good cleaning with a damp cloth and a quick couple of squirts of black spray paint took care of that problem.

I have re-purposed it to hold all of these, which I bought for 25 cents each at a flea market...

Boy, I'm ready to get a hot pot off the stove and out of the oven now!!

So, do tell, what is it??

Thanks ever so kindly~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rednesday aka Wednesday!

Well, it is that time again!  Rednesday, just in the nick of time to help us all get over that hump in our week by looking at the most beautiful color RED!!   Get the rest of your week going by heading on over to Sue's blog, It's A Very Cherry World, and taking a gander at all that great red.

Today I am featuring lots of red from my kitchen.  Some items are still here with me in AZ and others are now in their new home in GA.  Either way, I think they are pretty and they make me extremely happy!!

First couple of items up for your viewing pleasure tonight is a gift that I just received in the mail yesterday from
Sweet Bee Cottage.
Aren't they just great!!!  I am thrilled to have the reamer for my vintage kitchen collection and the little cherry notebook was such a sweet surprise.  I just love them both.  Thanks so much, Sweet Bee.  You certainly made my week a whole lot brighter!!  : )
These cannisters were my grandma's.  I love and cherish them.  There is a 4th one, the little baby that has to live inside one of her bigger sisters, not enough room on the counter!  Do you see the cherries in the decal?
This wonderful old jar belonged to my grandpa.  He and my grandma owned a small country store in Aiken, SC.  I think this came out of their store. Can you spot the towel with the cherry?
I purchased this painting with the frame for $11.00 from an artist in Korea. Of course you can see the cherries on top of the apple!
I purchased these vintage tea towels from a thrift store here in town for $6.40.

I will be keeping these and the rest selling at my shop.  You didn't think I could give up that cherry tea towel did you??

I better pace myself.  I could keep right on posting pictures, as I have taken quite a bit.  But, I do want to give y'all some pretty eye candy for the next several Wednesdays and certainly don't want you to go into cherry overload. : )  So until next Wednesday....I hope it is a good week for all you lovers of RED!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving Update

2000 miles and 2 1/2 days later hubby and bro-in-law made it to GA, chasing those horrible, nasty spring storms that plagued much of the south this past weekend.  They left AZ Friday morning and drove all the way to San Antonio the first day.  Second day they drove to Mobile, Ala and then the third day they finished it by driving to Augusta, GA.  My families new home, my birthplace and my hometown!

Unfortunately, the only pictures he sent me along the way was of the cats litter box.  You see, Gracie the Cat, made the trip.  I was quite worried about her as he said she wasn't really eating and drinking much at all.  By day 2, she had made a few deposits in her litter box, which he promptly photographed and sent to me to calm my worries.  Yep, that's my husband !!

Gracie is now safely in the hands of her grandparents, my parents, for a couple of months.  Once we arrive with the king and the prince (Chui and Oliver) she will join us all in their new palace!!

Below is a photo of Gracie that Papa shot this morning.  She is checking out her new  back yard.  Enjoy. : )

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Crazy Weather...

Last Monday I was laying out working on my tan.   Laying out in sunny, hot, dry and sunny, did I say sunny, southeastern Arizona.  Friday morning this is what I awoke to find...

Well seeing all this put me in such a depression I had to go back to sleep!  (Seriously, I was exhausted from the previous 2 days moving experience and needed some much needed rest.)  Three hours later, I finally got up out of bed and this is what I saw...
I'm not joking!  What a transformation!! We've had some crazy weather here in this "snow-bird" state! 

I'm linking up to Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday and also to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.  Check out these ladies great blogs.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and I get plenty of sun-bathing time. : )

Friday, April 23, 2010

Moving Day

For the past two days my life has been turned upside down with packing some of my worldly treasures into a Budget rental truck. My husband and brother-in-law are now driving that truck across this great country from AZ to GA.  I forgot to get a ton of pictures to highlight this event but I did get a few. : ) Notice the weather in the pictures.  All pictures were taken yesterday.  We have had some crazy weather this week!

Gracie, our cat is checking the situation out.

Supervising is such a hard job.  Never fear, a Shih-tzu is the worlds best at this job!

The best way to load the "other woman" aka husbands Harley-Davidson, was to put the ramp on an area where that woman could be driven straight into the truck.
My husband, in the black, showed her so much love....kinda disturbing if you ask me!  But at least she is out of my life for 2 months.  We will meet up with her at the end of June.  Can't wait for that reunion!!!

And finally, below, is what was happening when they pulled out this morning on their cross country trip.  Amazing, considering that we live in SE AZ.  The place where thousands of people migrate to every winter to get away from this kind of weather. : )

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'll be spending mine preparing for the next move.  Thank goodness that one will be preformed by professional movers.  : )

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rednesday aka Wednesday!

I love Rednesday!  I love Sue's blog and I love viewing all the great red pictures on other blogs.  So please head on over to It's A Very Cherry World and you too can see why my heart skips a beat on Rednesday!

Today I am featuring a group of frames that currently hangs in my kitchen...but not for long.  Tomorrow is the big moving day!  I can not take credit for this idea.  I saw this idea in Country Home magazine a few years back.  When I saw it, I knew I needed to make it happen in my home.  So, I clicked on over to EBAY and found a vintage map of my home state, Georgia, for $5.00.  Then to the frame shop I went.  I chose to use the red metal frames only because that was the best frame color that matched the red in the map!  I am a very matchy, matchy, kinda gal.  Yes, I am trying to break that but my mind fights me constantly!!
Enjoy, my vintage Georgia map from the Ralston Hotel in Columbus, GA.  Copyrighted June 1915.  I know I enjoy it every time I walk past it.

No, the frames are not crooked, the camera was when I took this shot.  I tried and tried to take a photo without glare from the lights, the window or the flash.  This was the best one.  Also, the actual size is rather large 30x30in.  The photo didn't capture the essence and magnitude of this beauty : )

Ya'll have a great Rednesday, ya hear!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday and Blue Monday

It's that time again, my how quickly a week flys!!  Today I am participating to two great blog parties.  So please head on over to Susan's blog, Between Naps On The Porch, to some great before and afters.  Also, if you want to view some fantastic blue photos be sure to stop by Sally's blog, Smiling Sally.  There just a click away!!

For my metamorphosis I am featuring a small bookcase that has been on my mind for weeks.  About 3 weeks ago I took an afternoon and drove to Bisbee, AZ(great little town).  I hit a couple of antique stores, a couple of thrift stores and a consignment store.  The consignment store is where I fell in lust with this bookcase.  It is vintage, antique or old bamboo.  I thought the price was a little high, $85.00 and asked the shop owner is she was willing to come down.  She said no.  Well, that day I passed on it.  Went home and for the next 2 weeks, dreamed of that bookcase.  I researched old bamboo and finally decided that maybe it was worth the price.  In the end, which is what I always think about a treasure it I really want it, that I wanted it, b a d l y.  Enough to where the price didn't matter.  I reasoned that I hardly ever see vintage bamboo and that I had to have it.  Once I came to that conclusion I couldn't drive the 26 miles to Bisbee fast enough!!!  I rescued the poor lovely baby from a dusty warehouse that day. : )  I present to you all the newest addition to our family.

The above is the before.  I reckon he had 50-60 years worth of grime and dirt on him. : (  So I scrubbed him down with Murphys Oil Soap and then polished him up with some good smelling Orange Oil.

I just love the texture and colors of the bamboo.

Now on to Blue Monday...

Kinda blurry, I know, but I am so taken by the cover of this magazine from July 1946.  It is always on display in my living room.

These ginger jars were a gift from my good friend, Debbie.  They are also residing in my living room right next to the magazine on the Secretary.

This bowl is actually a punch bowl from Thailand but it is doing duty by holding dried fruit and flower pods. I have 24 matching punch cups.  It is quite a lovely, lovely set.

OK, well that's all from SE Arizona for today...not sure how much more I'll be blogging this week since the first of two moves is taking place on Wednesday.  I hope everyone has a great start for what I hope and pray to be a fabulous week!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I love tassels, hence the name of my blog The Tattered Tassel. Every room in my house has a tassel, with the exception of my two boys rooms and if I thought I could get away with it, they would have them in their rooms too!  I enjoy changing them out as the seasons change. They ad a finishing touch to any space.  Some I buy and some I make.  I thought I would start the weekend out by showing ya'll just a few that I have in my home. 

These are two that are in the guest bathroom.  The little shoe is Avon, I think, but it is a tribute to one of my grandmothers...she had one of these sitting on her dresser.  When I saw it I knew I had to have it. : )
These reside in my living room.
And these find themselves doing decorating duty in our family room.  At least in this house.
OK~there are many more but I'll save them for another post.  (Plus hubby is yelling, we are late for a military function.)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'll be busy packing, packing and packing.  Gonna try and sneak off to a couple of yard sales in the morning though!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rednesday,Tablescape Thursday and Thrifty Thursday

Tonight I am participating in Rednesday, Tablescape Thursday and Thrifty Thursday.  Why?  Well most of the red and green table setting used tonight I purchased very, very cheaply.  Or should I say, I was a very thrifty shopper!!  So please head over to Susan's blog to see wonderful tablesettings and to Leigh's blog to see other thrifty deals and of course Sue's blog to see lots of red treasures. : )

Once again, we are dining in the butler's pantry.  The formal living room is knee deep in packing boxes and worldly treasures waiting to be wrapped in paper and packed in a box!  I just love red and green so much together.  I came up with a little table setting showcasing both colors.  Enjoy...

Sorry the sun is so bright coming in the window.  What can I say, we live in Arizona!  And yes that is a tv mounted on the wall in our butler's pantry. : ) We all have our vices!

OK~ I purchased the green paneled grape vase for .25 at a yard sale
          The red striped salad plates I purchased at Fry's/Kroger after Valentines Day for .62 each.
          The little red lidded candle crock I purchased for .25 at a flea market.
          The red and white hot pad that the Fiesta pitcher is sitting atop I also purchased for .25 at the same flea
          The red doily chargers I purchased 2 years ago at Anthropologie  clearanced for $2.48 each.
          Both the votive holders and the candles in them were a gift from my friend, Lydia.

So I think that about wraps it up for this weeks triple header!