Friday, April 2, 2010

And Fun Was Had By All.

So my youngest son has asked me for two weeks, "Mom can we make confetti eggs?"  "Please Mom can we make confetti eggs?" "Mom are we ever going to make confetti eggs?"  Being THE Mom of the Year that I am, I put it off til the day before the big neighborhood Easter party. If you know me, you know that I'm not really too crafty.  This was a stretch for me.  I did some research on online and found out exactly what needed to be done to make these confetti eggs that have haunted my dreams for a couple of weeks.  Below I give to you the cast of ingredients that played a role in this fun family activity.

strips of tissue paper

glitter(sorry for the blurry photo)

Elmers glue(watered down to the consistency of cream)

bag of confetti

Real simple project here folks...Once the eggs have been blown out (by poking a tiny hole in each end of a raw egg with a long needle) rinse with water and allow to dry. Then start by covering one hole with tissue paper and brushing glue lightly over the paper.  You will then open the other hole a little wider with your fingernail and stuff with confetti. When the egg is stuffed to your liken' continue to layer tissue paper with the glue mixture until the egg is completely covered.
While I was doing this I thought about some pretty toile tissue paper I had seen at Tuesday Morning.  My mind started racing at the possibilities of a fancy egg trimmed in pretty rick rack and topped off by a touch of glitter.  I was brought back to reality with such phrases as "I'm tired", "I don't want to make anymore" and then "I'm done."  Like I said earlier, if you know me then you know I'm not very crafty.  These phrases put me on edge.  I had dreamed of these eggs for two weeks, had them in the back of my head for as many days, wondering if I would pull this little fun family activity off, hoping against all hope that I wouldn't disappoint then only to hear such phases. Well, lets just say that we finished these eggs and Fun Was Had By All!!! (Including Oliver)

These are the ones that I created.  The little ckicken(might be a rooster, I'm not poultry saavy) in the middle is an egg cover that I picked up this week at a thrift store for, brace yourselves,.....3cent.  I'm off to ebay to see if I can find more, I just love her. : )


Linda said...

I love them! What a clever mom you are!!!! I wish I would have thought about doing something like this when the boys were around, oh well,....................
Happy Easter!

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

The confetti eggs are SO sweet and I love the egg cover! I just got done coloring our (very homely) eggs by mySELF while the guys sat ten feet away with their eyes glues to the Nazi movie, "Valkyrie." I understand the Easter Bunny has taken note of the lack of interest in helping with the eggs... and T will be getting a pair of teen-size Batman underpants hidden in his basket this year instead of trinkets and/or cash. At least the Bunny has not lost her sense of humor. :)

me said...

Glad to see you've come over to my world . . . amazing end product - I am very proud of you! :o)