Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rednesday aka Wednesday!

Rednesday is amongst us all again,
My oh my how the days just fly!

For today's posting of red I reached deep into my archives of pictures and came up with several from our time in Arizona.  I'm still unpacking, hanging up pictures and curtains.  Also, in the last days of planning and preparing for my parents 50th wedding anniversary reception which is this Saturday. Then heading up to KY to deliver a load of household goods to our oldest dude.  Hopefully, very soon I'll be sharing more photos of our new house.


I love this Moravian Star light fixture!  I bought it down in Mexico.  Actually, I purchased quite a few of them.  Wanted to make sure each dude has one for their home and then just a few more for good measure.:-)  I got quite a deal on them, so I couldn't pass on them.  This one has red marbles in some of the punch tin.  The color is so pretty.  The picture just does not do the actual light justice.  I have found a home for this fixture in our new house, just haven't hung it.

Some vintage kitchen treasures....

Please join Sue at her blog, It's A Very Cherry World, for other wonderful reds. :-)

Also, I keep forgetting to type this bit of information, which I am sure all of you know, but...you can click on each of my pictures to enlarge. :-)

I Won A Giveaway!!!!

I won a giveaway!  For a few years now I have entered many, many giveaways.  I have never won a giveaway.  Well, my luck changed a couple of weeks ago.  Angela at Free Spirit Haven was giving away a $40.00 gift card to CSN.com.  I was thrilled to read an email from Angela telling me that I had won her giveaway!  The decision on what to spend the $40.00 on was a tough one.  CSN stores offer such a wide variety of goods from shoes to dishes!  Of course, I ended up with dishes but did spend quite a lot of time browsing the shoes. :-)

I love Fiestaware and have quite a collection bulging out of my kitchen cabinets.  I thought it only fitting to add to the bulge.  I picked out 4 Fiesta salad plates in my favorite colors, sunflower, turquoise,shamrock and scarlett.  They arrived yesterday afternoon.

Thank you Angela, for offering such a great and useful giveaway!  Angela has a wonderful blog.  Check it out, you certainly will not be disappointed. :-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wonderful Rednesday!!

Way down south in the land of Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken, Peaches, and easy slow days there lives a beautiful young southern belle.  A sweet young thang full of grace and smarts.(She is ready to make her valedictorian speech come this May)  Her chariot of choice is a cherry red convertible Volkswagen Bug. : )

This belle, my niece, is in the drivers seat.  My sister, the belle's mother, in the passengers seat and two of my three dudes in the back seat.  Of course, Prince Chui is going along for the ride!

While I was out grocery shopping I happened upon the cutest pack of napkins.  I paid $3.49 for the package.  Probably a little more than I would normally pay for everyday napkins but they were so cute I just couldn't resist!!

Now we can clean up messes and wipe up faces with a cherry or two!  Who wouldn't smile while cleaning a mess with a bright red cherry to help do the job??

Please join Sue at It's A Very Cherry World for other wonderful reds!!

Side note:  Unpacking continues to go well but very, very slow.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I can get back to daily regular blogging.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's A Southern Thang Y'all!!

Nothing says "the south" to me more than peaches.  They are my favorite fruit( followed closely by watermelon.)

 I love to make peach cobbler...mmmm so delicious.

BUT, my favorite way to eat peaches is to slice them, sprinkle a little sugar on them, let them sit for a few minutes and then serve a heaping spoonful over a piece of pound cake.  This is the way both of my grandmothers served "the peach".

Peach orchards abound in my part of Georgia-Carolina.  My parents went to their favorite peach stand and purchased a basket full last week.  I was a happy gal when my daddy brought over a bag full. : )

I'm so glad to be back home!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The unpacking and decorating continues...

We have been in our home for two weeks as of today.  Yes, you can sit on the couch now, heck you can even take a nap on the couch!  I have a good dent in the packing boxes but still have quite a way to go before we are rid of them. : )

Below is a picture from the living room.  I just love this old wing chair.  I found it and the mate at a thrift store in Alexandria, VA.  My girlfriend, Dale, really wanted one.  So me made a deal.  We would buy the pair for $60.00 and each take a chair.  When one of us passes our husbands know that the mates then have to be brought back together to the living friends home.  I know, I know kinda morbid, but my girlfriend is 4 years older than me!
The flower arrangement was made by a wonderful friend who is so talented, thank you Wendy. : )


Oops...please ignore the stack of pictures.

Also, I found these pictures taken in June while we still lived in AZ.  I had just returned from a shopping trip in Nogales, Mexico. (That's my wonderful Mexican shopping bag.)  Shih Tzu's are the nosiest little doggies.  Chui and Oliver were quite interested in my bag....

I'm linking up to Sue's fun meme, Rednesday.  Check out her blog, It's A Very Cherry World, and all the wonderful showings of red. : )

I'll be back soon with more postings, the boxes are still calling my name!