Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain, rain go away...

After 118 straight days of 90 degrees or higher the rains started.  Oh, will the rain ever go away so we can resume our walks?? Chui is quite the finicky dog, not only does he not walk in the grass he also doesn't walk in the rain.  He has spent the entire week laying around pouting and I do mean pouting!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Betty Crocker for Betty and many others...

This past July 31st my parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My sister and I, along with our families, hosted a wonderful anniversary reception for my parents at their church, one they have been members of  for 30 years.

That's me in the black, along with my hubby to my right and two of my dudes.  My sister in the pink along with her sweet daughter and her hubby(the one with the beard.)  Of course my wonderful mama and daddy, sitting.

My parents are now in the process of downsizing and moving into a retirement community.  I have spent the last few weeks helping them go through 50 years worth of treasures and memories and pack their home.

 I have been fortunate to be the recipient of quite a few treasures from my parents.  One of those much loved treasures is this cookbook.  My mama started housekeeping in July 1960 with this Betty Crocker cookbook.  I guess it is only fitting, for you see her name is Betty and so is mine.  However, I go by my middle name, Ann to keep the confusion at bay! 

So, this Betty adds another Betty Crocker cookbook to her collection!

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PS If you happen to live in the Augusta, GA area you certainly do not want to miss the moving/estate sale that my parents will be having on October 15th and 16th.  My mama is a dish collector extraordinaire!  You see, I get my dish hoarding honestly!!  If interested in attending, email and I will send you more information.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Outing

Being back home after so many years has its good and bad days....I just will not go into what makes for a bad day but what makes for a good day is showing my family places that I fondly remember as a child.

This past weekend I showed my family(well at least part of older child doesn't live here and one is just too cool to be with his parents) two GA state parks.  Both state parks have held many a family reunion for both of my parents families over the years.

The first, Magnolia Springs State Park, is located outside of Millen, GA about 45 minutes from where we now call home.  True to its name, the park grew up around a natural spring.  I remember as a child, my much older cousins, swimming in the spring.  Thank goodness my mama didn't allow my sister and I to swim in the spring water.  Take a look what you find in just about all water in these here parts...

Now the turtles and even that ginormous carp don't really bother me but that alligator that's another story!! Thankfully, swimming is no longer allowed in the spring.

Two of my favorite guys...

I just love spanish moss and white sandy ground.

Moving along in our day, my youngest dude has never seen a cotton field.  So we had to stop and pick a piece or two...

Next stop George Smith State Park located outside of Twin City, GA.  This park is about 1 1/2 hours from home.  When my dad was little his family would bring their corn to the mill and have it ground into meal.  Of course it wasn't a state park then...

As you can tell, this water is dark and murky but I can promise you it is home to the same creatures that Magnolia Springs waters hold, just can't see them quite as well!! The water is dark from a chemical that the Cypress trees omit in the spring and summer months.  In the winter the water clears up.

I have lived all over this wonderful world.  I have seen some majestic places.  There is nothing like waking up every morning and having a view of Mt. Ranier from your bed(well, at least when it peaks through the clouds) or falling asleep listening to the South Korean Army's version of TAPS, or waking up to thousands upon thousands of citizens of Beijing riding bicycles up and down extremely busy streets,  hearing a pack of coyotes talking to each other as the sun sets, living in a home that sits on land that was once apart of George Washington's estate, Mount Vernon, eating a crossiant that is so light and rich (the best thing I have ever put in my mouth, by the way) while walking in a field in France BUT there is nothing that compares to home.  A place where my ancestors walked, worked, and even might not be the most breathtaking scenery that I have ever seen but I have such a feeling of belonging  here in Georgia that I have never experienced anywhere else. 

I am home.

Do you feel that way about your home, wherever it may be, or am I just a crazy middle aged woman???


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Humphrey Update

Back in June I shared with everyone my all time best thrifty find.  Mr. Humphrey the Barrister Bookcase.  I purchased him for $40.00 at an auction.

Anyways, here is a picture of Humphrey the day I brought him home....

Since we were in the middle of a move I decided to have Humphrey's little feet repaired and then he was placed on a big ole' moving truck.  No lovin' and decorating was done in Arizona.

Humphrey has adjusted quite well to his new surrondings here in Georgia.

I present to you Mr. Humphrey the Barrister Bookcase doing what a bookcase does best, holding books and worldly treasures....(brace yourselves for he is a thing of beauty)

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before and After Photos

As some of you know we moved this summer.  We have lived in military quarters for the past 6 years.  But with this duty station we decided to buy a home since this is my hometown and hubby will be retiring in 20 months.  So, I finally have walls painted another color besides white!!  While this home is smaller than the quarters we moved from this summer, it is still quite functional for our dwindling family.  Yes, my dudes are quickly leaving home and venturing out into the world . Maybe I should be happy but honestly it is quite scary.  Hope I've raised them correctly, wait I'm sure I've raised them correctly, I guess I should say, I hope they listened!!

Anyways, here are a few shots of our new house.

Dining room before our worldly treasures found their new home...

After our treasures found their new home...

and every now and then this occurs....

You see when I leave the house our man, Chui, will jump up on the table to watch me drive away.  Yes, its a tragedy that not all stores and offices will accept him as a patron.  So he must stay home.  Well once he's on the table he is stuck until I return....just keepin' it real!!

Moving along, here is the living room before...

and after...

So there you have it, our living room and dining room.  Yep, the only two rooms in the house that are actually complete.  Sure don't know how those folks on House Hunters can have their homes ready for the camera 2 months after moving in!!

Stay tuned for more before and afters in the upcoming months.  My goal is to be done before Thanksgiving.
In the meantime here is a picture of the kitchen or at least part of it.  This will be a big transformation when complete.

sorry for the horrible glare...

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Muffin anyone????

Good Morning everyone.  Care for a muffin?  We had two spend the night guests last night and also had to rise early this morning for much needed errands.  So I quickly whipped us a couple batches of muffins.  Chococlate and Blueberry.  I use the Betty Crocker muffin packages and then add to them to make them extra special!

OK so I sneaked a chocolate one.  Quality control.

I love this square muffin pan.  I found it a couple of years ago clearanced at Marshall's for $4.00.  I really like the novelty of it.  Plus it's teflon coated and cleans up really easily.

I hope y'all have a great weekend.  To those that thrift, happy hunting!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Giveaway Winner

And the winner is... Donna-by-the-way.  She was #26 to comment.

Congrats to Donna!  I'm sure that you will just love all the strawberries coming your way!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment.  Also, thanks for a fun 6 months of blogging.  Way to addictive but so, so much fun!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Stay tuned for a couple of before and after pictures of the new house.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strawberry Extravanga and Giveaway

 I can't seem to let go of summer, even though Labor Day has now come and gone.  I've collected a nice little grouping of strawberries that always make me think of summer.   I hope that as the nights get cooler and the trees start to change and eventually snow blankets the ground(not that it will happen here in my part of Georgia) that when you look at these strawberries you too will be reminded of the wonderful days of summer and the great fruit that those warm wonderful days provide for us all.

Isn't she cute??  I made her.

Wouldn't you love to wash dishes with this sponge??

Pretty sure this vintage cloth is designed for a card table.

Strawberry tea towel, vintage of course!

Cute little nylon carry-all bag perfect for groceries, disguised as a strawberry!

OK, so this vintage apron doesn't have strawberries on it anywhere...but I just love gingham, so I decided to include it.

To celebrate the last days of summer and to celebrate my 6 month anniversary of blogging I'm giving this entire grouping of strawberries away and the apron, too!

Just leave a comment, that's all you have to do to be entered to win.   I will choose the winner on Friday, September 9th, with a random number generator.  Then I'll notify the winner via email. 

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