Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me!

Discipline, I will freely admit, I just do not have!

This past Christmas season while out shopping for others, I can not tell you how many times I said....
"It's not about me."

Every turn down an isle, every rack of clothing, every on-line site, I saw an item that I would like to own!

I tried so hard to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Focused on finding gifts that would make others happy!

However, there were a couple of times that I gave in to my desires, discipline out the door, and made a purchase or two for myself.

My reasoning's were solid and sound.

Oh my goodness....I've never seen these before!

No, Ann, it's not about you right now.

Stay focused.

But, but....

What if I wait and someone buys it for their loved one!

OK, sounds good to me. (Kinda sounds like I've got a couple of people living in my head!!)

 Anyways, I present to you my Christmas presents to myself....

 I paid $20 for the set.
I love them!!

And finally, one more little gift to me from me.
Or maybe it's from one of those folks living in my head!!
Either way, it was a welcome addition to my home.

A cute little cherry-topped double jelly holder. I think.
At $6.00, it was worth it.
It makes me happy when I look at it.
Well, me and all those folks in my head!!

I'm linking this post of to Sue's wonderful blog, It's a Very Cherry World, for Rednesday.
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Karen said...

Love your canisters! Somehow, they look a litte familiar. Guess I remember them from a long time back.
Also, the basket of aprons is so darn cute! Think I'm going to try this idea. I have quite a few old aprons from women in our family. Wish I knew where to get a basket like yours.
Have a great Tuesday.
Ladybug Creek

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Oh...these are perfect for your kitchen! What wonderful gifts you gave yourself.(-: So cute.

Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up, Ann! I don't think it's a bad thing that you listened to those voices and spent $26 on yourself. It could be much worse! Love the set of tins!

Anonymous said...

I got a good laugh from your post. I think your little gifts to yourself are darling. Nice pick-me-ups to help you through the season.

JunqueMagnet said...

Well we've ALL done that a time or two.Or two hundred...Great finds and completely understandable.You COULD NOT pass them up.Enjoy.

craftyles said...

Ann, the cannister set is the best. I love it and am so glad you got it for yourself. You deserve your great gifts, Enjoy them!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hey! It makes us happy to look at them too! Just remember that you're shopping for us too! LOL Where did you get those canisters? I love them!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Ann!
I love your canisters...they would go great with the vintage flower sifter I found the last time I went to the huge Antique Mall in the city ;) Oh I heard that same voice last month and I gave in also...at least I got a present that I REALLY wanted! Love your little jam pots too...looks like something my parents had in the 50's. Very cool. Have a wonderful REDnesday!
Maura :)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Fun items, lovin' your cute canisters-enjoy:@)

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, I'm Holly and I'm new to Rednesday!

Love your canisters. I name all my things and if those were mine, I'd call them my School Girl canisters!

I bought myself some canisters with my Christmas money that was gifted to me by my husband but I haven't named them yet! Come see them! ♥

1 Funky Woman said...

Too funny! I have a couple people living in my head too and they often buy gifts for me, lol!

So glad you stopped by and had a laugh.

I got the flowers years ago at Hobby Lobby at 50% off mind you. I painted over them with brighter colors last summer. I do remember seeing similar ones this past summer. I'd check there in fact I think they are putting summer out now!


1 Funky Woman said...

Oops forgot to say how darling those canisters are! You have a very sweet friend that knows you too well, lol!


LV said...

I prefer to buy for others. I do not need anything, but when I do, I like doing my own thing. I like your red Christmas gift to yourself.

Rebecca said...

I think we all do that-I work retail and I see it every day-so glad you got them-wonderful canister set!

Julie Harward said...

LOL well, I guess you will never have to go shopping alone! That is cute, I do that too and often find some nice treasures along the way. Yours are very, cute, I love them too! ;D

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Very nifty, thrifty set of canisters. I love anything red but add plaid or polka dots and I'm over the top in love. Your blog with the aprons has inspired me to get my tablecloths out and display them, I really like how you've arranged your aprons in the basket. Thanks for you lovely comments.

marie said...

I love your cannisters ~ red & plaid are two of my favorite things!
Love the fabric in the jar too!

Anonymous said...

Hi... I found you through the Rednesday Linky. I'm your newest follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

Ann said...

Your friends would be very happy that you spend so much effort buying them the gifts.

Angela said...

Hey girl...((hugs)) Was here bright and early this morning but didn't have a chance to comment...you were the only blog I visited this morning...that pic that showed up on blogger dashboard drew me in..oh Ann...I adore adore those cans. They are AWESOME. I love what you did with the jar also..also I loved the other pic on another post with the aprons in that basket like that..I'm a thinkin girl..lol...I may do that too.I love the look of it.((hugs))

Angela said...

I forgot to tell ya..I'm SO cool when I go to work these days with your strawberry bag in tote..someone commented the other day..'oh your the one that has the strawberry bag'..LOL. Of course I had to tell everyone about you and the blessing that you are!!

Lesa said...

Yep, I know all about those voices--- shhh, not now, I'm typing! hahahha

Fun post! Thanks for the visit!

Dena E's Blog said...

Wow SWeet Sis,,these are all so GREAT...I love the canisters the most!!! Sorry for the late visit btw..Thanks for the note too...
Blessings and Love from our precious LORD above~
Hugs Dena

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Hey, I had a lunch box that would've matched those canisters. It got rusty and was no longer suitable for my peanut butter and jelly, tho', so it got pitched. What I would not give to have it back! :) xoxo

~~Carol~~ said...

So glad you listened to that little voice inside your head and bought that canister set! I love it, and I bet at that price it wouldn't have been there if you went back for it!
Happy REDnesday!

daylily777 said...

I love the Christmas gifts that you gave yourself ; Both of them made me smile !

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Good morning, Ann! My pops are just eye candy- nothing iside. :) They could be party favors or girly toys, too, I gave my grandgirls a couple of the Dotty Pops. They liked them and played with them said "Dotty Pops" over and over! ;) They think I should call them Holly Pops,though! Hee-hee! It's great to have a built in fan club! ♥

Sorta Fairytale Girl said...

hi ann!
thank you for stopping by my blog and for the decal source!
i'm glad you treated yourself to some presents...they are lovely finds, the tins are so cute!!

Kim said...

Hi Ann, what a funny post! I admit I am faced with this same dilemma every year. I usually just give in and buy something For myself too:)
Xoxo, Kim

Sunny simple life said...

I love those canisters. Would not have passed them up either.

~Rosanne said...

The jar filled with fabric caught my eye.
How adorable amd creative!