Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's good to be home...

It's good to be home after so many years away.  Not only have I been away from my family but I've also been away from my oldest and dearest friends.  Sure we've kept in touch via email and phone and even managed to squeeze in a dinner or two when I would visit but there is nothing like being back and resuming wonderful friendships...just like I had never left.   There is actually one other girlfriend that makes up this foursome but unfortunately Michelle is living down in Florida and couldn't be with us for a wonderful evening.

We are big readers of Dorthea Benton Frank and her wonderful books that take place along the lowcountry in South Carolina.  Three days after arriving home and amist a house of boxes I went to a fundraiser for a new library here in town. Mrs. Frank was the guest speaker.  We feasted on a fabulous low country boil, listened to the sounds of beach music and had our "hot off the press" copy of her newest book, Lowcountry Summer, signed.  Mrs. Frank was a delight and a joy to hear speak.  I've started the new book and have had to limit myself to reading only late at night after I've put a good hard days work in unpacking.  It has become a very, very hard book to put down!

Below is a picture of myself(on the left), Joy(middle) and Pam(right) and of course the fantastic author, Dorthea Benton Frank.

I met Joy and Michelle(now the only one amongst us that lives out of state) when we were all 13.  Pam is my oldest friend as I have known her since kindergarten!!  After my dad retired from the Army and we moved back home to Georgia we all ended up in the same school, same classes, same interests and that is where the friendships blossomed and grew.  Nothing like girlfriends.
Michelle we sure wished you could have been with us but you were certainly there in spirit and laughter!

OK~back to unpacking....


Dena E's Blog said...

Your all so BEAUTIFUL !!!
I miss you Sweetie and I do keep you in my thoughts mind and OF COURSE my prayers..
Later Sweet Taters
God's Blessings in you new home and HUGS~~~Dena

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Yep, the Southern Belle is back in her element! Looking gooood, and sounding good, too.

All week we have been thinking of you and the guys are wondering if you have a fence around your new yard. You KNOW we say "R--, get away from that fence!" (your special way) about ten times a day around here!!! To us it means everything from "Dinner time!" to "Shut the heck up!" ;) Keep having fun, girlie. xoxo

Julie Harward said...

That sounds fun...I'll have to check out her books for a good summer read! :D