Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 4, A day late

Stayed in a very nice roadside hotel, as far as nice roadside hotels go...but was so full of weary and tired travelers that the internet connection just didn't seem to work last night.  This morning it is much, much better. 

Day 4 was another day full of adventure on this cross country move.  I'll let most of the pictures do the talking. 
Again, our youngest son was in charge of the photography except where he is in the photos. : )

This was the dogs first encounter with large bodies of water, larger than the bath tub.  Oliver was willing to give it an ankle deep try but Chui was all over it.  Remember he is a warrior, nothing to fear!
This was quite a grocery store!  There were so many local specialties, it was a fun place to shop! Because yesterday was Father's Day and I am an equal opportunity shopper, we decided to stop here....

Then we were on to lunch...
Yum, Yum!

While we were engaged, hubby was stationed in Biloxi.  We decided to get off the interstate and take the scenic route along the beaches to reminisce.  I was amazed at the amount of devastation still visible from Hurricane Katrina.  But was filled with such joy as we were able to see all the growth and development. Then add to these peoples struggles the oil spill in the Gulf.  Oil could be seen in the water as well as clean up attempts.  Yesterday was June 20th.  The beaches should have been packed with tourists and sun worshipers but there was only a handful. 
That's all for Day 4.  Day 5 promises HOME!


Briarside Lane said...

Continued safe travels, Ann. I am enjoying your cross country move pictures. And I did wave at you after you slipped through NM into Tx... Good thing you didn't stop at the water park... the outlet would have been more fun. ;-) ...Karen

Julie Harward said...

WOW...what a trip this is, looks like you are having fun..your son does a good job with the picture taking too! Come say hi :D

Linda said...

Looks like it has been a good trip so far. I am sure you will arrive at your new home tonight! Be sure to tell Andrew, the pictures have been great! Maybe he will enjoy it enough to pursue it a bit more. A dark room in the future?
How hot has it been with the humidity factored in?
Drive safe and will talk with you soon.