Friday, June 4, 2010

A Huntin' We Go....

We have a hunter in the family.  A die hard true hunter.  He can't help it.  The desire runs deep through his veins and back many a generation in his genes.  He was born to hunt.

I know, not your typical hunting dog.  Let me assure you he is a top notch hunting machine.  All 12 pounds of him.

You may ask what does he hunt?

These "pretty girls" have been top on his list since we moved to Fort Huachuca 3 years ago.  Oh he despises them, wants them with every tooth in his body.

Lately, however, he has taken an interest in another wild creature that calls Fort Huachuca home.

Yes, the Goulds Turkey, particularly the Tom in the pictures, has been upsetting my Chui's restful after dinner moments.  He calls to Chui every evening as the sun is starting to set, "Come find me, come find me."  As if he wants to play with Chui.

Chui is a hunter.  Chui does not play.  His kind has for centuries guarded the temples in China from rats and snakes and hunted down said creatures if they dared to enter.  

So the call from the Tom just spurs him on.  His ancestors blood begins to pulse through his veins.  The desire to track down Tom is overwhelming.

This is where hubby and I step in.  We encourage each of our children and our dogs to peruse the desires of their heart.  We help out when we are needed.  For Chui to fulfill his desire he must have a ride to find Tom.

Even though he is a hunting dog the back of the pick-up doesn't really work for him, short legs and all!

Much better.  We are on our way now!
Mom, quit taking pictures and look for that Tom!

To date, Tom has been the victor every evening.

Chui continues to be ever vigilant.

When we move we will not be living in Wild Kingdom.  We will be in a neigborhood in a major city.  So no more call from the wild for my man, Chui.  He can go back to being the King and resting every evening after supper.

Note: no animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.  Nor has Chui ever actually came close to catching a deer or a turkey.  We certainly do not want him to be injured.: )

Have a wonderful weekend!


The Paint Splash said...

Really sweet dog! I think my mastiff thinks she is a blood hound
Stop by sometime. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I hope there are critters for him to hunt in GA. Maybe you could import some!!!
Good to see you yesterday.

rfturnb said...

Mr.Chu better get ready them Ga. Turkeys got lips and they kick too!

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

HA HA how cute is that?! I think the warrior deserves to star in a kids book -- no lie. xoxo

Mary Ann said...

chui is so cute! have a great weekend! verbena cottage

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a fun post! Will Chul ever be able to come back from being such a hunter? :)

me said...

Ann . . .
That was a faboulous posting!!! I miss Chui!! I love the pictures of them in the back of the truck?? Anyway . . . too cute!! I'll call soon!

Julie Harward said...

Such a darling dog...I have one too and every time we drive over the mountain, all I have to do is say..where's the deer and mine just about goes out the window! Come say hi :D

daylily777 said...

Chaui looks so sweet , Very fun post!
When you move, I hope He doesn't miss his hunting days too much .

Dena E's Blog said...

Chui Chui you make mom and dad soooo proud!!!! And I love you already...
Hey Ann my Best Girlfriend ,,,I am free to blog again after the Fam. has headed back home to California..I have sure been missin this ...Its exhausting having extra people staying with you even if ya LOVE them completely..I am sure you get what I mean.. Love the pics Sweetie and hope all is going better, well, smoothly for you too.
We are preparing for a delivery trip, but I will be checking in often...Keep an eye opened to your snail mail okay..Blessings Hugs and Love~~~Dena