Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 3

Today was a long, long day.  Not only does hubby like to rise and shine very early he also prefers to drive 14-15 hour days!  I on the other hand enjoy driving a little and doing some sightseeing and shopping along the way.  Needless to say, as much as hubby pushed me, I just couldn't make it out of the state of Texas today.  This is one BIG state!!  We are only 6 miles from the Louisiana state line.

Below are pictures of today's adventures.  Again, our little dude used his newly acquired photography skills to take all photos except the one with him in it.  He even photographed the Alamo, chopping the top off!

After spending the morning visiting The Alamo and Riverwalk  in San Antonio
we were  on our way.  We stopped several times throughout the day.  First stop was a cute little town off of I-10, Flatonia.  Have a look at this great little retro gas station turned gift shop and also the best Bar-b-que I've had in 3 years. Joel's Bar-b-que.
Then we saw this and had to stop for a couple of hours...
Once I conquered the outlet mall we were back on our way.  Driving through Houston was horrible.  I-10 was closed all the way through Houston.  Soooo much traffic....
But that gave us time to ooh and aah over the cityscape.


Linda said...

Yes, it does seem to take forever to get across Texas. I guess that is why they say everything is BIG in Texas. I hope you had fun in San Antonio and now on to LA and MS. Travel safe.

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Oh ugh... Houston traffic. Been there, done that. But at least there was Katy and all its consumer delights. Some of our friends in Holland were American Shell Oil families from Houston/Katy and they just RAVED about it. I love the photo of the Alamo courtyard area under the big tree... makes you forget that it is situated smack in the middle of the city. Good job Andrew! have fun on the next leg... will be watching for updates. XOXO
PS... Yup, you're back in the land of BBQ. Once you pass NOLA, You should be able to follow your nose all the way to GA. ;)