Monday, May 17, 2010

A Someday Project....

Someday in the near future I'd like to make a wreath.  I'd like to make the wreath with parts of what you see in the picture below.  BUT for now all I can do is take a picture of some of the components of said wreath and then pack them up. : (
The idea for the wreath came to me when I realized the Artichoke I had purchased to steam and eat was drying away on my kitchen counter.  Can you believe that I was just to busy to eat??  Yep, life has been so crazy around our home.  Anyways, when I saw the Artichoke happily drying away I decided instead of throwing it away to continue to let it dry out and use it to decorate with in some way. I had no idea that an Artichoke could be dried.   One evening the thought came to me to make a wreath.  I have lots of Pomegranates that I have dried while living here in AZ. They grow really well here and there are plenty of trees to gather them.   I had purchased the jute for another project but then might all go together.  So we will see.  Like I said in the first paragraph, it might be awhile before this DIY project is complete.  Please don't hold your breath!!!

I would also like to apologize for not blogging is so hectic and crazy with this upcoming move.  It is a HUGE move. Also, throw into the mix all the obligations that I am wrapping up here in AZ and my children's activities.  No wonder that poor Artichoke dried up on my counter.  Like I said, who has time to eat???   I will try and post a couple of entries a week.  My goal is to post as we travel from AZ to GA, so you can all see our family vacation, Griswold style!!!

Thanks for being so patient.  I hope everyone is having a great start to what promises to be a wonderful summer. : )

PS Even the King Shih-tzu, Chui, is exhausted from all the activity....


Kim said...

Don't apologize for not blogging Ann - life happens. And it sounds like you have alot on your plate! Can't wait to follow along on your upcoming journey!

Angela said...

Oh, he is just too adorable...You do what you can do,,we will all be waiting for you ((hugs))

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Sweet Lady,,,THANKS for the note and all the info..Love the King Pup here..I sooooo enjoy when other bloggers put there other family members pics up to see, ( like your pup here) its lots of fun.Imagine you're super busy even now and looks like your still passing around joy to all of us in your more hectic life right now. I for 1 so appreciate it. we will all be here patiently awaitng your cherry~ness and kind,gentle words when you do find time. So I agree with the other comment, no need to apologize Sweetie..
Just keep safe and sane ;0) through it all and will be here when you are.
THANKS for your wonderful friendship Girlfriend..Later sweet tater!!!
(((HUGS))) Dena

Rick said...

that has to be the sweetest pic of chu yet. can't wait to see him. this isDonna by the way.

Rick said...

I think my wifey has found her handle! "Donna-By-The-Way" kinda catchey don"t ya think?

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Dear friend, please don't apoliogize for not blogging more - makes us appreciate the ones you do even more! I know how life gets in the way. I haven't been able to visit nearly as many dear blogs as I would like to with all that's going on this time of year. Don't worry, we'll still be here to visit you.

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Don't worry... if you don't have time to make that beautiful red and khaki wreath, the pretty artichoke and poms will hit the good ol' Southern humidity and spontaneously rehydrate. Why, you could use them in soups and salads... HAR! [Our move is upon us. They are loading the truck as I type. Got to get back to work.] xoxo