Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday and Rednesday

Well, today is a tough post for me.  Sometimes I am able to post one post that can relate to more than one wonderful blog party.  Not so today and I reeeeally wanted to participate in both Outdoor Wednesday and Rednesday today.  I just didn't take any outdoor pictures that had red in them.  But never fear both parties are well represented with many photos today!!

Grab yourself a cold drink and a snack, you might be here awhile, like I said there are many photos!

    Let's get started with Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer
I have wanted to share with everyone for quite sometime the wonderful neighborhood that my husband and I have been so fortunate to call home for the past three years.  We move out of our quarters in 27 days.  So today I grabbed my new Olympus camera(thanks daddy)and headed outside to take some pictures.
We live on Fort Huachuca in southeastern Arizona.  Our quarters are on the historic parade field at the base of the Hucachuca mountains and at the start of the Huachuca canyon.  We are 5090 feet above sea level.  This sign is at the beginning of the parade field.
 In this photo, I am standing just to the left of the sign looking down the parade field at the canyon.  See the trees to the left, that is where a row of 12 historic homes are located.  We are currently living in one of them.
Our quarters is the first one in the picture.
Our quarters, The Winans House.  Named after COL Edwin B. Winans, who commanded the post from 1920-23.  The house just celebrated its 125th year, as it was built in 1884 at a cost of $4500.00.
I am going to miss living in this wonderful old home. I am going to miss waking up to the bugle call first thing every morning(and I do mean first thing!) and I am going to miss falling asleep to Taps every night. I am going to miss having such fantastic mountain views.  I am going to miss Fort Huachuca.  This has been one great assignment.

Now on the Rednesday.  This fun meme is hosted by Sue at Sue Loves Cherries.  I know that May is a long way from December.  Heck it isn't even Christmas in July yet.  But I just had to share with y'all a wonderful thrifty Christmas treasure that I found at an estate sale on Mother's Day. 

It is a wonderful old candle holder set in the original box.  I couldn't get a clear picture of the little sticky tags on the bottom of each piece but it says NAPCO.  Made in Japan. 1956.  I paid $1.00 for the set.  I'm lovin' it!!!

As long as I've started a Christmas in May theme, I'll go ahead and share with y'all a wonderful mixing bowl set that I found this past Christmas at Ross.  Did any of you see it too??  I love the colors and the designs so much I have decided to use it year round in my kitchen.
Photography note: these pictures were taken with my old camera. : (  Sorry for the glare.

Wow!  I don't know about y'all but I gotta go to bed.  Too much blog posting for one night!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday and a safe week.
The Tattered Tassel


CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh I didn't know you live in Fort Huachuca, I have a niece who lives in Sierra Vista!! I felt the same way when we left 29 Palms, I loved it there.
I love the reds.
Good luck in your new adventure.

Grannys Attic said...

I love the little Angel candle holder set and the bowls are beautiful! I would use them all year round too! Blessings, Vicky

D said...

Hello, Ann,
Thanks for stopping by. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. What a wonderful place you have lived in. I can't imagine falling asleep to TAPS. That must be really wonderful, and the scenery is beautiful.
What a deal you got on those cute vintage candle holders, and I want those bowls!!!! :)

Sandy said...

Oh I love the vintage NOEL set!!! In the box and perfect...can't do better than that and $1.00??? Amazing! The bowls are just too cute! I love them!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

That is one sweet vintage Christmas set!! So cute....
And those mixing bowls are so adorable and would look totally great in my Kitchen!!

Angela said...

What a beautiful home. I too would miss the bugle call. I love that sound. Lovely pictures shared. I adored the angels and the box that it came in.

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Memories!!! :) I miss the bugle calls, too. Ann, I've said it before, but if you have not gotten your rear end (and Andrew's) out of bed early to walk across the street and hold a hummingbird in the palm of your hand then you are missing one of the sweetest experiences out there... promise me you will do it at least once before you go. The figures in your Noel set look eerily familiar...I bet they were made by the same company that made the Christmas angels my granddad gave me and my sister in the 60's. They're kinda Hummel-y, too! xoxo

Ann said...

I would miss the lovely historic home too. I loved military life, where is your next assignment? I am a hugh vintage christmas decoration collector, the set you got is phenomenol, great price. Good luck and great post.

craftyles said...

Such a cute set and I love your bowls. Enjoyed the your door tour also. So pretty.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Ann! Oh, I LOVE your yuletide quartet! Very sweet, and what a lucky find! Love your cute set of bowls too!.. I hope you got a good night's sleep in! After writing TWO posts, I got to bed a little late myself, last night! It wasn't easy getting up this morning! Happy Rednesday to you! ~tina

~~Carol~~ said...

I don't care what time of the year it is, I just love seeing Christmas stuff! I'm very envious of that Noel set. I'm still hoping to find one myself, and what a great deal you got on it! Love the bowls too.
That must be so much fun, being awakened my that bugle call, and then hearing Taps at night! But then I'm the type that would love to be awakened each morning by a rooster!
Happy REDnesday!

AshTreeCottage said...

First of all, I wish you much happiness in your new home. I'm sure it must be hard to leave such a lovely place. Feather your new nest and it will soon become home too. Now those angels are just adorable!!

Susan and Bentley

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Ann!
I posted about Christmas in May also! Your angel noel piece is so darling and argh, reminds me of some darling ornaments I've been kicking myself over ever since. WAH! What a lucky you are to find it for a $1.00! (Mine was many times that price, hence my walking away from it - but clearly a mistake now, that I've been regretting it ever since. SOB!) & I love your mixing bowl set, so adorable.
& what gorgeous photos, thank you so much for sharing them with us!
Happy Rednesday,

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Love the vintage candleholders. I have a thing for vintage items...so much more fun than new.

Sorry I haven't had an opportunity to repond to your comment on my post about Belk stores before now. I've been way too busy!

I, too, have lots of memories of Belk. I worked there while in college, have purchased many items for myself and my family there, and now my favorite junkin' spot is being used in their ads...yea!!!

Be sure to keep entering in my giveaway. You can get the details from the button link in my sidebar.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Anonymous said...

Your post about your Quarters is fascinating. I can imagine hearing Taps and the morning bugle call. And living in a 125 yr old house, again, wow.
Your Christmas angel candleholders are just presh and the price was right! Neat bowl set.
Happy REDnesday~

Bearly Sane said...

Oooooooh I love your polka dot bowls!! They are divine.

Thanks for popping in to see me Ann, always good to meet new friends...glad you like the red bags.

Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Mica said...

Oh wow....I do love the pics. and hope that your move will go smoothly. Just always remember your home is always with you and your new home wherever that may be will be HOME too!!!! Sorry that might have sounded funny...I hope you get what I am trying to say....also love the Christmas Noel decor...OMG I would have screeched with excitement to have found those...I love them! and a buck!!!! It can't get any better than that!!!! You can't get that on Ebay or Etsy for that!!!! love the bowls too....Hang in there!! Mica/The Child's Paper

SueLovesCherries said...

Beautiful scenery! I'm glad that Outdoor Wednesday is the same day as Rednesday, because some of you do both and I love to see Nature!

Those candle holders are totally awesome - I can't believe you got them for a buck! They're a million times that much in antique stores. And, those bowls - who wouldn't keep them out year round! Beautiful!

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Oh, how I just love those little old Noel angels. And lucky you, you got a real steal, too.

Nancy said...

OH Ann, what breathtaking views you have. I would surely miss living there too. I love the wide open space and the home looks so welcoming. I can just imagine going to sleep to Taps and waking up to the bugle. Your photos are wonderful! How long before you move?

Love the Noel candles too and the set of bowls...those are fun!

We had a section of fence ripped out from the ground with the storms that blew during the wee hours of the morning. All the schools have been closed around town due to power outages. Could have been much worse. Thanks for asking.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful post!


Ms. Bake-it said...

I love the vintage Christmas set and the mixing bowls. Yes, it would definitely be hard to leave such a nice home with such beautiful views and the nightly Taps serenade.

~ Tracy

Cherry Chick said...

I have not heard about Outdoor Weds. but I truly enjoyed your pictures. What beautiful surroundings you live in. Where are you moving to?
Loved the red and green bowls from Ross, too. Way cute!


Hi, Ann,
What a wonderous place you have lived in, so nice. I can only dream of waking up to Bugle call and falling asleep to TAPS. I get choked up each time I hear Taps. You live in a beautiful area, it must be sad to leave, I wish you the best. I love your cute little vintage candle holders, and your polka dot bowls are too cute! I have a few polka dot bowls, also some polka dot plates and matching bowls that are square. You can view them here if you wish: http://flowershopgurl.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-tweet-tablescape-thursday.html

Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my “Rednesday” Rose Centerpieces"! I really enjoyed making those arrangements, and loved the green and off white tin flower pots.

Sherrie said...

Thank you for noticing my new banner. I am still playing around with picnik for my photos. It is a lot of fun. But I still have a lot to learn. Have a lovely weekend.