Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thrifty Thursday, Tablescape Thursday and a Special Birthday!!

That's right...once again it is time for Thrifty Thursday and Tablescape Thursday.  My, my where does the time go, seems like just yesterday I was looking at everyone's thrifty finds and gorgeous tablesettings.  Please join Leigh at Tales From Bloggeritaville and Susan at Between Naps on the Porch  for what promises to be another great week of posts.

Tonight, I'll be sharing two thrifty finds.  I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had the beginnings of a collection of vintage sweaters.  I posted my most recent find, the cherry sweater.  Now I present to you the rest of my fledgling collection.

The above sweater is just gorgeous in person.  The beaded detail work is intact perfectly.  The tag on the inside says: Jo Ro Imports, Miami, Florida.  Made in Hong Kong. 100% wool.  Hand trimmed.  I purchased this sweater at a local thrift store for $8.00.  I love it!

This sweater is just as gorgeous as it's green closet mate.  All beading is intact.  The tag on this lovely says: Fully Fashioned Kaws.  100% cashmere.  I purchased this one at the base thrift store for $3.00.  Now, I didn't take a picture of it but I realized that I have a beaded purse that is an exact match of the beads on this sweater that I picked up on a weekend shopping trip to Bejing a few years back.(No, I didn't take a long ole' flight from the U.S. to China for the weekend, we were stationed in Seoul, Korea which was only an hours flight away.)  This sweater has a shorter length than the green one but looks so good with a brown dress that I purchased recently at Stein Mart.
I hope ya'll enjoyed my thrifty finds...Now stayed tuned for a tablescape. :)

Today we are having lunch on the front porch.  I'm sorry that the outside looks so cloudy.  This is due in part to me having a crappy camera and the fact that the next canyon over was on fire ALL day and smoke was so heavy outside! Enjoy the pictures.

So here is the lowdown on this tablesetting:
Black iridescent chargers: base thrift store 8 for $3.00.  I think that they are carnival glass.
Black and White dinner plate and bowl: $1.00 each at Family Dollar. I think that they are still in stock.
Chartreuse and Shamrock salad plates: Fiestaware.
Flatware: can't remember, something cheap from base exchange.
Green and clear pitcher and glasses: recent purchase from Nogales, Mexico.  $12.00 pitcher, $3.00 each glass. I love them!!

Now on to the birthday!!!!  As some of you know, my Chui, was a wayward soul, lost and down and out on his luck in Seoul, Korea when we found him.  Hubby and I were golfing(one and only time that I have participated in THAT sport) and we found him on the golf course.  I took him home, had him checked out by Stan our great family friendly vet.  He guessed his age to be about 6 months.  So today we celebrate Sir Chu-sok's birthday.  He is 4 years old.  Below I have posted a  picture of the day we found him on the golf course(yes, he came with the collar and leash), and few more while still in Korea.  Last, is a picture of him taken a few days ago after his most recent beauty shop appointment.  For those of you who might be worried that we didn't try to look for his owner, we did. According to the folks at the golf club he had been on the course by a pond for two days.  I left my name and number.  We lived in Seoul another 8 months before we moved.  No one ever came forward to claim him.  Happy Birthday to our little man!!


~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Dang, Ann, those sweaters are awesome. I especially love the green. It is so darn nice to see your porch again after so many months away (16 to be exact), although I would like to have seen a batch of something yummy in that pitcher! :) I never realized Chui was so young when I first met him! Happy Birthday, little pup! xoxo

Patti said...

Beautiful tablesetting - I would love to sit there and eat and chat, especially wearing that Green ssweater!! I also like the fabrics on your swing - nice combination of coordinating prints.

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Wonderful tablesetting! I love that color combination and the beautiful tablecloth!

Also, I'm glad that your cute little Chui found a great home with you!

Maria@ChicaBellaCrafts said...

Your puppies are adorable, happy birthay to Sir Chu-soks, cute name. Loved your table, the chargers go wo well, I always have trouble finding chargers that I like and that would go well with my dishes.

rfturnb said...

that is my favorite, the one with him in front of the pumpkin, he's so cute.

rfturnb said...

also he looks cuter with his leg hair short so you can see his bow legs.

Mimi said...

Beautiful table, love the tablecloth.
Cute puppy!
Happy Easter to you and yours.

Pearl Maple said...

What lucky finds, you just don't get that level of detail every day anymore which makes them all the more special.

Fab tablescape theme for spring.

Johanna said...

The white and green shades of the tablesetting are in brillant contrast to the black background in your tablecloth. Although the black usually makes things dark, your table has an airy and southern impression. I like that very much.

Wish you a happy Easter.

My So Called Creative Life... said...

I love your tablecloth! Where'd you get it?