Monday, March 15, 2010

Belated Tassel Tutorial

Sorry that this is late. I know I had promised it this weekend to a few of you who had sent emails requesting a tutorial on tassel making. Hubby, kids and myself took us a little spring break. Stay tuned for those pictures later in the week!
Let me start by saying that I am certainly not reinventing the wheel here, probably not even adding a spoke to said wheel. I have seen many a tassel tutorial on some very crafty blogs over the past couple of years. But this is what works for me. Very simple...because I am not a crafty person. You can add fringe, trim, ribbon, buttons, anything you like to make to your own.

1. Find you a poly resin figurine. Mine came from Big Lots and cost $1.50.
2. You will need a base. I like to use the side of a used up spool of ribbon. Go ahead and rip off
one side. Bend it and size it to be about 1/4 inch larger than figurine base.

3. Glue to bottom of figurine. Glue to where the top of ribbon spool(worded side) is the bottom.
This makes it easier, so as you do not have to cover up words.

4. Go ahead and start gluing on your ribbon or fringe.

5. Keep gluing.
6. Once you are done gluing. You will need to cover up what is now the top of your base.
7. Cover up all the spots where your very expensive base can be seen.
8. Now flip over and cover up the area where all the ribbons were glued onto base.
9. Almost done... you will need a way to hang your work. I use little screws and a dremel.
10. Finally you are done and ready to hang your tassel. Sorry I didn't take a completed picture
of my little chocolate bunny for this tutorial. But go back to my post on Saturday, 13
March and you can see her in a fashion shoot!


rfturnb said...

nice lesson, maybe I'll try it one day. You make it look easy, but I know it isn't really.

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me! Maybe I will try it sometime! Maybe even while you are still here to help me!
Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

me said...

I think you did a fabulous job - and I'm glad to see that you're putting that glue gun to good use! :o) Or at least I think you are!

Ann said...

Yep, it is the glue gun you gave me along with the glue sticks. But I am about to run out of glue!

Sharlotte said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks so much for directing me to this post. I think I can do it...I've never thought of using salt and pepper shakers! Thanks again for the tips. Can't wait to try one!

Anonymous said...

I am new to blogging and I ran across your post~ the tassel tutorial! I think I am going to have to add another project to my list! I look forward to reading more of your blog!