Saturday, November 13, 2010

Simple Dinner

Last night our dinner was simple.

That means quick and easy for me, the head chef, to prepare.

That also means that the picky eaters in this family, everyone but the head chef, liked it!

First we started with a big ole' pan full of Sloppy Joes.

Yummy!  Everyone loves Sloppy Joes and my picky eaters like it with a slice of Colby Jack cheese on their bun.

Next came these delicious little potatoes.

I roasted these little potatoes, just a little larger than a grape, for 30 minutes with olive oil and salt and pepper.
Folks, these potatoes were delicious!
I purchased them at Publix.
Here is a picture of the packaging.

May I suggest, if you are looking for a quick potato dish that you RUN not walk to your nearest grocer and see if they carry these little babies.  Did I say they were delicious???  Yes, oh yes they were. They were buttery at first and then was followed but a sweet burst of flavor.   Well worth the carb intake!!

Now, this is as far as my family went with their dinner. As they would certainly not touch a salad!!

But not the chef.
With the exception of some seafood and the occasional pig (hey I am from the south and we do love our bar-b-que) I do not eat meat.
So I prepared for myself a simple salad.

Lastly, because this has my other business title (the one besides head chef) in the name I just had a have a swallow...or two!

A wonderful dinner was had by all. :o)



Marla @ Always Nesting said...

I have not heard of Mad Housewife but I love the bottle!! I love a glass of White Zin with my dinner.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

My...this all looks good. I am a fan of potatoes in any form, but little roasted ones would be yummy! Love the wine - never heard of Mad Housewife, very cute!

me said...

Hey . . . You didn't add that those sloppy joes are "pretend" sloppy joes! :o) Don't try to fool the public - we know there's some kind of "crumble" in them! :o)
Just kidding - I know they were delicious - and I, for one, will be looking for those potatoes - you know I love a good potato dish!!! Oh, and the wine, too!
Miss you .. .

Linda said...

Do you think we have those potatoes out here?!!!! I guess I will have to look for them up in Tucson the next time I go. They sound so delicious. How was the wine? Maybe I can try some soon.
Your back yard looks great too! How did you get Ron to do all the work?
Talk with you soon!

Debbie said...

I have to say I have not thought of sloppy joes in ages. Guess what is for dinner tomorrow night?! Thanks

Denise said...

Hi Ann, I didn't realize I wasn't following your blog! I am now :) Happy Monday.

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

Ha ha, I had to smile at Linda's question about whether they have your tiny potatoes out In AZ... a flood of Fry Blvd driving memories came swooshing back! :) I liked Safeway, but Publix wins, hands down! Been going there since I was a baby. In fact, there was one just around the corner from my grandparents' place and we used to walk there on Saturdays to pick up the roast for Sunday dinner. Hard to believe Publix was not open on Sundays back then... and weird to know that I am old enough to remember the "olden days" so clearly. ;) xoxo