Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

Yes, folks it's that time of year again.

The time when I start thinking about decorating for Christmas.

One thing that I love to collect is the annual White House Christmas ornament.
I have all of them with the exception of three...every year this time I try and resume my hunt for those
ornaments that elude me.

But for today I am happy to have the 2010 ornament.
It arrived about two weeks ago.
Just a lovely little ornament....

Army Navy Reception 1900

White House Christmas 2010

Hopefully, by the end of the first week in December I will have my living room tree up and decorated with the rest of my collection of White House ornaments.

Stay tuned!!

Happy Rednesday folks!
Please head over to Sue's blog, It's A Very Cherry World, to view other great reds on this Wednesday.



Julie Harward said...

WOW...those are so beautiful! I have never seen these before, what great thing to have. I can't wait to see your tree! :D

Denise said...

I'm waiting til after Thanksgiving to get the trees up, but I might start dragging the boxes out next week with Kristen, school is out all week so it will be fun for us to do that ;)

LV said...

You seldom see those two special ornaments you shared. I am sure they will look nice among all your pretty white ones.

Kit said...

What a lovely tradition! I hope you find those other three. That can be a bit maddening can't it! Happy Holidays! Kit

~~Carol~~ said...

That ornament is just gorgeous, and I had no idea that these were available! It looks like something that I would use for my patriotic decorations. I really hope you find those other three that you're missing!
Happy REDnesday!

~ Pink Flamingo ~ said...

I always look back and wish I had started collecting those ornaments when we first got married -- especially since our first assignment was at Ft Myer (i.e., DC, White House, Arlington, etc.) It's funny you're thinking of getting out your Christmas stuff... I have Thanksgiving company starting to arrive tomorrow and I still need to pull out THAT stuff! At least you will not have 1500 people tromping through your home this holiday season... that has to take some of the pressure off. :) Off to find my pilgrims, Native Americans and turkeys. xoxo

Vintagesouthernlife said...

I have never seen the White House ornaments... very pretty. I hope you are able to find the other three.
Happy Rednesday!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have never heard of these before what a wonderful way to decorate a tree and they certainly are pretty!

Mame said...

It is great to hear that you enjoy our White House Ornament collection. In addition to offering the 2010 ornament for sale on our website, we also offer all the previous ornaments.

I noticed you said you were missing three and our online shop at could help you complete your collection.

Enjoy the season.

The White House Historical Association

Rita said...

Interesting post. I did not know about the white house ornaments.

Thanks for leaving the information on Christmas Cactus on my RT post. I did not know that they came in different cycles.

Angela said...

the case alone is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the decorations. I really need to do a video, well a few to share my decorations..when I do the outdoors, I will warn everyone to make sure they have sun glasses on before watching, LOL..Randy has been going CRAZY with lights,,LOL..People are already stopping on the streets to talk to him as he started decorated..we are ever so famous,,LOL..Griswold's Christmas, here we come!!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Lovely ornaments!! I like so many different kinds of ornaments! That is how I ended up with 12- 14 trees!!

Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Which ones are you missing? Sometimes I see them at Estate sales.

Obviously I am going back through your will probably hear from me again!