Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tiny little changes...

One of the selling points of this house, at least for me, was the color of the walls. I love the colors! This meant less work for me and as we all know, sometimes less is more.  More time for other projects, more time for shopping and more shopping!!

Case in point...the master bathroom.  All it needed was a few finishing touches.  For $8.50 I purchased 1/2 yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby.  With this yardage I was able to recover the existing cornice board over the window....

sorry...bad lighting issues.  But trust me, the cornice board is quite lovely. IMHO

I was also able to cover an old German sewing basket.  This one of the first things I purchased as a new bride.  I paid $15.00 for it in 1988 while we were stationed in Germany.

much better picture of the fabric and wall. Almost perfect lighting.

The vignette that I created above the sewing basket.

One of my favorite thrifty finds is the chalk drawing dated 1890.  Original frame and glass.  I paid $16.00 for it at an auction in Virginia.  It reminds me of the marshlands at night.

Moving along, the last project that I was able to squeeze out of that 1/2 yard of fabric was a little wall art for the toliette area!
I took two canvas frames that I found while shopping at Cato Fashions.  I had on my list of errands for the day to stop by Hobby Lobby and purchase canvas but when I saw these and the price I decided it wasn't worth my effort of gas money to drive across town to the HL.  I paid $1.99 each.  Certainly not inventing the wheel here folks as I know this has been done a million times all over blogland.

Now for the after....

Again bad lighting.  The walls are really a lovely khaki color.  But you can still get the idea.

A little metamorphosis for not a lot of money and now I'm calling it a day in the master bath!!

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PS~I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week!!


Julie Harward said...

I love your projects..all very nice! And I love the paint colors too! :D

Marla @ Always Nesting said...

Great projects. I love the idea of using a canvas and covering it with fabric. I'm looking for something to put over my bed....hmmm....

I have the same problem with my wall color in photos. One may look great and all the others nothing like the actual paint.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I am complete agreement with you...I love the details, I think they make all the difference. You did some really nice always very elegant! (-:

me said...

Lovely, as always!!! :o)

Neabear said...

Your projects look great. Love the german sewing basket. That is so cool!